This is the confirmed and updated award schedule for 2023:

Fort McHenry Champion Award

Fort McHenry’s refusal to give up in 1814 despite repeated British attacks exemplifies the perseverance of a winning team. This Award is presented to Battle O’ Baltimore champions.

Ramparts Finalist Award

The Ramparts are the wall where the stalwart citizen-soldiers defended Baltimore from attack. This Award is presented to Battle O’ Baltimore finalists.

Commodore Rodgers Mentor Award

John Rodgers commanded the USS President, which fired the first shot of the War of 1812. This award goes to the Mentor of the Battle who best exemplifies FIRST goals and values.

You can submit your most outstanding mentor for this award here or by using the QR Code below.  The submissions are all due by 10 am on the day of competition.

Battle of North Point Volunteer Award

The stalwart militiamen of Baltimore withstood repeated attacks by the British army until the British gave up at North Point just east of Baltimore.  This award goes to a volunteer at the Battle O’ Baltimore selected by the other volunteers for selfless service to Maryland Robotics. Submit your choice here or by using the QR code below.

Star Spangled Banner Award

Our nation’s anthem celebrates the cooperative effort of citizen-soldiers to defend Baltimore. This Award goes to the team that has demonstrated the FIRST ideals of gracious professionalism and coopertition. The MRA has a Hall of Fame Team, announced in 2019, for this award. Team 888 Robotiators will be selecting the winner of this years award during the event.  We all know how important gracious professionalism is to FRC Teams.  Bring your most gracious selves!

Armistead Engineering Innovation Award, proudly sponsored by LufCo

Walker Armistead was the Chief Engineer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; his brother George commanded Ft. McHenry during the Battle of Baltimore. The Armistead Engineering Innovation Award goes to the team that uses engineering innovation in a very specific manner in the design of their robot.

The Sam Smith Unsung Hero Award

Sam Smith heroically led the defense of Baltimore during the attack, and saved his beloved city. This loss led the British government to quickly negotiate an end to the war. This award is presented at the discretion of the event organizers, to recognize a team or individual that provided “above and beyond” service to the event.