2022 Award Results

And the Winners Are…

Fort McHenry Champion Award:
Team 1729 – REX
Team 1629 – GaCo
Team 8726 – CryptoHawks
Team 2199 – Robo Lions
Team 1727 – REX
Team 2534 – Lumberjacks

Ramparts Finalist Award:

Team 686 – Bovine Intervention
Team 4099 – The Falcons
Team 8197 – AirTigers
Team 6326 – Baltimore Bolts
Team 614 – Night Hawks
Team 2849 – Ursa Major

Commodore Rodgers Mentor Award:
Jason Johnson, Team 6239, The Irrational Engineers
Sunday: Ray Gerstner, Team 888, Robotiators

Battle of North Point Volunteer Award:
Amalon Iyengar

Armistead Engineering and Innovation Award – Sponsored by Lufco:
Saturday: Team 1727 – REX
Sunday: Team 2199 – Robo Lions
* Each team received a $250 donation

Star Spangled Banner Award for Gracious Professionalism:
Saturday: Team 4099 – The Falcons – Poolesville HS
Sunday: Team 612 – Chantilly Robotics – Chantilly Academy

Sam Smith Unsung Hero Award:
Yara Cheikh and Ellie Ayd

New this year: The Queueing Award
The Queueing Award is given to the two teams who most help maintain the flow of the competition by being “on deck” in queue [most important], are able to efficiently “take the field” at the beginning of matches, and who exit the field promptly at the conclusion of matches.
Saturday: Team 5830 and Team 8592
Sunday: Team 4505 and Team 2534

Looking for pictures?

Pictures are posted on the Media page!

Thanks to Michelfrancis and his crew from Last Sanctuary Media

Special thanks to team 1727 for creating the award plaques!