2021 Award results

And the Winners Are…

Due to field technical difficulties and time limitations, the normal alliance selection and playoff format was not used. Event winners were the top scorers after five matches per team. Champions and Finalists are listed in no particular order.

Fort McHenry Champion Award:
Team 623 – Cougar Robotics
Team 614 – NightHawks
Team 2539 – Krypton Cougars

Ramparts Finalist Award:
Team 1727 – REX
Team 2199 – Robo Lions
Team 4050 – BioHazard

Commodore Rodgers Mentor Award:
Parth Oza, Team 4099, The Falcons

Star Spangled Banner Award for Gracious Professionalism:
Team 1727 – REX

Battle of North Point Volunteer Award:
Randy Rupp

Armistead Engineering and Innovation Award – Sponsored by TAI Engineering:
Winner: Team 1111 – Power Hawks
Finalists: Team 4050 – BioHazard
Team 2534 – Lumberjack Robotics
Team 8592 – Newton Squared
Team 6326 – Baltimore Bolts

Sam Smith Unsung Hero Award:
Ron Therrien – Chesapeake FIRST

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Thanks to Michelfrancis and his crew from Last Sanctuary Media

Special thanks to Matt from team 1727 for creating the award plaques!