2018 FRC Game: POWER UP

The 2018 FRC Game – FIRST POWER UP

FIRST POWER UP,  the 2018 FIRST® Robotics Competition game, invites two teams into the ARCADE, where each team must work with their alliance partners to ultimately defeat the boss!
Each three-team alliance prepares in three ways:

1. Take ownership of their SWITCH and balance POWER CUBES in their favor on the SCALE:  Using power cubes to tip either the switch or scale in their team’s favor grants the alliance points that continue to accumulate over time.

2. Play Power Ups:  Robots may give their human players power cubes through the EXCHANGE, which the human players can use for extra Boost, Force and Levitate points.

3. Face the Boss:  Robots work together to all climb the scale and Face the Boss!

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Game Animation Video: