2017 Award Results

Fort McHenry Champion Award sponsored by InSource Solutions:

  • Alliance Captain: Team 623: Cougar Robotics
  • Team 384: Sparky
  • Team 6326: Baltimore Bolts


Ramparts Finalist Award:

  • Alliance Captain Team 2377: “C” Company
  • Team 225: Techfire Robotics
  • Team 3793: Cyber Titans


Commodore Rodgers Mentor Award:

Amy Krtanjek, Team 225, Techfire Robotics


Battle of North Point Volunteer Award:  

Jeff Meyers


Star Spangled Banner Award for Gracious Professionalism:

Team 225 , Techfire Robotics


Armistead Engineering Innovation Award, sponsored by the 21st Century Group:  

Team 4638, Jagbots


MRA Unsung Hero Award:  

Team 888, Robotiators