2015 Award Results

First Place Alliance: Tech Fire / 225, Space Raiders / 2537, The Umbrella Corporation / 1719

Second Place Alliance: Tin Mints / 4575, Absolute Zero Electricity /3941, RoboDoves / 2528

Mentor Safety Award presented to: Team 2377, C Company

:  Edgard Bertaut, Team 449

Fort McHenry Champion Award

Fort McHenry’s refusal to give up in 1814 despite repeated British attacks exemplifies the perseverance of a winning team. Award presented to Battle O’ Baltimore champions.

Ramparts Finalist Award

The Ramparts are the wall where the stalwart citizen-soldiers defended Baltimore from attack. Award presented to Battle O’ Baltimore finalists.

Commodore Rodgers Mentor Award:

John Rodgers commanded the USS President, which fired the first shot of the War of 1812. This award goes to the Mentor of the Battle as judged by holders of the Woodie Flowers Award. Nominations are due by 6 PM August 31st, 2015! Please email nominations to bobawards@inbox.com

Captain Aisquith Travel Award

Edward Aisquith led the battalion of sharpshooters that ravaged the attackers at North Point. This Award goes to the team that travelled the farthest to attend the Battle O’ Baltimore.

Battle of North Point Volunteer Award

The stalwart militiamen of Baltimore withstood repeated attacks by the British army until the British gave up at North Point just east of Baltimore. This award goes to a volunteer at the Battle O’ Baltimore selected by the other volunteers for selfless service to the event.

Volunteer Award presented to: Robert Mohr

Star Spangled Banner Award for Gracious Professionalism

Our nation’s anthem celebrates the cooperative effort of citizen-soldiers to defend Baltimore. The team that has demonstrated the FIRST ideals of gracious professionalism and co-opertition

Gracious Professionalism Award presented to: Team 686, Bovine Intervention

Mary Pickersgill Imagery Award

Mary Pickersgill created the huge flag that flew over Ft. McHenry during the battle, it is on display in the Smithsonian today. This award is for team branding and goes to the team with the most consistent and compelling logos, color scheme, and style that reaches all aspects of team operations