The Battle O' Baltimore is Maryland's first team hosted off season event. The Battle is sponsored by the FIRST Baltimore Area Alliance (FirstBAA), an alliance of teams across the Baltimore area. These teams have united to share resources such as finances, knowledge, and valuable mentors.

Pit Area. Each team will be assigned a standard 10’ x 10’ area. Each area will have a table, chair(s) and power. Teams are encouraged to bring power strips, additional power extensions, etc. and should label all equipment with their team number. No food or beverage will be permitted in the Pits.

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Concessions (cash only) will be available at Battle O' Baltimore. Download the concessions menu

Defense​ Selection for Qualification Matches​

Matches will modify the official Stronghold defense selection rules as follows: select one set of 3 defenses per cycle (cycle = ~ 6-8 matches). Select one defense from each defense category, A, B, C, and D, except Portcullis selection will result in a wild card selection from the 3 defenses not yet selected to be on the field. Notify teams of starting defense configuration on Friday evening along with match schedule. Portcullis WILL NOT be selected for any matches.

Defense Selection for Playoff Matches

The selection of defenses will follow the same process as noted above for Qualification matches, however, the same defense types will be used for both red and blue alliances and change only after ​quarter-final​ and ​semi-final​ matches.

End game scoring opportunity

The end-game (last 20 seconds) will include the ​introduction of an orange banded ball for​ the ​ red alliance and purple banded ball for ​the ​blue alliance​. The ball will be throw​n​ in from ​the ​secret passage anytime during teleop. Award climbing points (not to exceed 30 points) for scor​ing this ball​ into the high goal in last 20 seconds ONLY. Award high goal points as well. Intent is for non-climbing robots to earn climbing points.​

This year, Battle O' Baltimore teams will be eligible for the following awards:

Fort McHenry Champion Award

Fort McHenry’s refusal to give up in 1814 despite repeated British attacks exemplifies the perseverance of a winning team. Each of the Battle O’ Baltimore champions alliance teams will receive this award.

Ramparts Finalist Award

The Ramparts are the wall where the stalwart citizen-soldiers defended Baltimore from attack. Each of the Battle O’ Baltimore finalist alliance teams will receive this award.

Armistead Engineering Innovation Award

Walker Armistead was the Chief Engineer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; his brother George commanded Ft. McHenry during the battle. This award goes to the team that uses engineering innovation in a very specific manner in the design of their robot

Commodore Rodgers Mentor Award

John Rodgers commanded the USS President, which fired the first shot of the War of 1812. This award goes to the Mentor of the Battle as judged by a distinguished panel of mentors and former mentors

Submissions for this award must be made before the event, and are due by 6 pm Monday September 12, 2016. Please follow these instructions for submitting your nomination.

Battle of North Point Volunteer Award

The courageous militiamen of Baltimore withstood repeated attacks by the British army until the British gave up at North Point just east of Baltimore. This award goes to a Baltimore Area Alliance volunteer selected by the other volunteers for selfless service to the Alliance and the Battle O' Baltimore

Star Spangled Banner Award

Our nation’s anthem celebrates the cooperative effort of citizen-soldiers to defend Baltimore. This award goes to the team that has demonstrated the FIRST ideals of gracious professionalism and co-opertition or has embraced and demonstrated Safety FIRST as a core team value. Teams will nominate each other at the event to determine the winner of this award.

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